With the Nice Weather:

There are many reasons why our children benefit from outdoor play and this gorgeous weather. Of course, where we have four seasons and one of them is very cold and dark, it’s such a welcome when the sunshine returns to warm us from the inside out. Even as adults we can feel the difference when the weather warms up!

Here is an article highlighting some of the benefits of outdoor play…

Kids are always practicing their social skills and they can do this while engaging in play outdoors with other children. If there are organized games going on, there is the ability for children to cope with losing, and helping winners win graciously as well. Learning how to practice comes into play here also, and the amazing skill of not giving up when things get tough.

Children learn important safety skills while outdoors that include – road/parking lot safety, helmet safety, spatial awareness when playing games with balls or in large groups, and listening to adults when we remind them of the rules to keep them safe.