Top Reasons why Childcare Rocks

  1. Your kids get to experience social interactions with kids their own age. It’s great for them to be around you, the primary caregiver, and other adults, but they learn so many social skills from peers. With guidance and help from certified teachers and assistants, you can be sure they develop important social skills that they will carry into later childhood and beyond.
  2. They’re little sponges. In childcare, the classroom environment has many different areas of play to encourage learning. Often you see the same toys at home, but at school they can be set up different ways and interacted with differently.
  3. It gives you some time. Let’s face it, even if you need childcare because you work full time, sometimes going grocery shopping after work (before pick up time) with no kids can be heavenly. If you are in it for your child’s socialization aspect and you are a stay at home caregiver, then just some time alone can work wonders for your mood and your to-do list.
  4. It’s builds up their immunities. Even though it won’t feel like it (especially in the beginning). When kids are around other kids, their bodies learn to fight the colds and the bugs and so on and so forth.
  5. It gets them ready for future school days. From singing the alphabet and learning to count, to recognizing their names, to being able to separate from you for hours at a time, to learning schedules and routines. All of these are big milestones for a tiny human.