Teacher Profile – Danielle

Danielle came to the Methodist in May 2018 with a background of thirteen years of experience volunteering and teaching children, including Boston Children’s Hospital as a volunteer and an Epilepsy camp counselor. She has engaged with children of all ages and needs. In her own words, Danielle says, “I enjoy teaching others and learning myself in the process. My great grandmother was an old one-room schoolhouse teacher and my mother was a teacher. I guess I followed through with their example. The greatest reward for me is seeing the growth of someone, in this case, a child. Whether it is a week, a month or longer and how during that time they shape me as well.” You will find Danielle mainly in our Preschool classroom though she does help out our Toddler and Toddler/Preschool room from time to time. The children enjoy engaging with Danielle especially outside where they ask her to run with them or go down the slide.