Infant Room Info

Welcome to our Infant room! We are so happy that we will be spending the day with your child!

Our main goal is to keep your child safe and happy. We do lesson planning each month that touches on all age-appropriate areas that stimulate the physical, cognitive, and emotional needs of your child. We strive to keep consistency in the Infant room with staff and routines. We keep all lines of communication open between teachers and parents. We have two amazing full-time infant teachers at our center, Miss Jean and Miss Lisa who are joined throughout the week by Miss Jaime, and Miss Bianca.

Schedule: When starting the infant room, you will be asked to write down your child’s schedule for us to follow. Our academic and creative activities will be based on the routine of each individual infant. Please update us frequently, as your child changes, so we may stay as close to their schedule as possible.

Diaper Changes: We ask that you supply enough diapers and wipes for your child’s week. After the first week you will be able to get an idea of how many you will need to provide each week. The teachers will let you know if you are getting low on any supplies. Please provide diaper ointment if necessary. During the warm months we will ask you to provide sunscreen and will provide a form for you to fill out at the time.

Bottles and Solid Food: Provide enough premade bottles for your child’s day as well as solid food if your child has begun to eat solids. Please introduce any new solid foods at home before bringing them into the center for your child.

Clothing: Please provide two or three clothing changes for your child that are seasonally appropriate. They can be kept in a small bag on your child’s coat hook and will be used by the teachers when necessary. When weather permits our infants do go for walks in our strollers. Please provide clothing that is appropriate for time spent outside.

Photographs: The teachers love to take photographs of the children in the classroom. If you do not want photographs taken of your child please let us know. You will be provided with a release form to sign.

Medication: If your child needs to take medication while they are in our care then you must fill out a medication form. You must also bring in the medication in its original container with the child’s name on it. The medication will be kept in the office. Our teachers are trained in the correct way to administer medication. Please introduce any first dose of a medication to your child before bringing to the center. Teachers are not allowed to administer first doses.

Our infant room is shoe free. Teachers wear slippers or shoes that are only worn in the classroom. When entering the classroom please remove your shoes so that are floors stay clean and safe for our mobile infants.

Learn & Grow

Learn & Grow Together was developed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) to help you understand and nurture your child. It provides general information about the stages of child development and suggestions for fun activities you can do as a family to help your children learn and grow.

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