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The preschoolers helped plant a garden this week! Here is an article on some of the many benefits, as well as some video clips of our fun time!

Parent Spotlight

We are always looking to teach our children about helping the environment because it’s their future – here in our center we have a family who started a business to do their part! Check out the article here!

With the Nice Weather:

There are many reasons why our children benefit from outdoor play and this gorgeous weather. Of course, where we have four seasons and one of them is very cold and dark, it’s such a welcome when the sunshine returns to warm us from the inside out. Even as adults we can feel the difference when […]

Simple Science

This was a simple science project that our preschoolers had fun with last week! Remember when you were a kid and did the baking soda and vinegar volcano in school? This is basically that exact concept except for younger children… We sprinkled baking soda in a toss-able cooking tin, and added some glitter. Separately we […]

Top Reasons why Childcare Rocks

Your kids get to experience social interactions with kids their own age. It’s great for them to be around you, the primary caregiver, and other adults, but they learn so many social skills from peers. With guidance and help from certified teachers and assistants, you can be sure they develop important social skills that they […]

Spring Has Sprung

Welcome to Spring here at Methodist Early Learning Center of Plymouth! You will find some updates to our website over the next few days, including our school calendar through May of 2020. We will be sharing about our Teachers and what we are doing in our classrooms with the nice weather returning! MELC has been […]