Mission Statement

Where children are happy and love to learn.

We strive to be the leading choice for Child Care in the Plymouth area. Parents, children, and our staff are partners in fostering a collaborative community. We are passionate about your child’s emotional, physical and educational growth. We strive to achieve this in a cost – effective way.

Our Purpose

Methodist Early Learning Center’s philosophy is based on Piaget’s theory that children develop cognitively. It is a theory of thinking, knowing, perceiving, remembering, recognizing, abstracting, and generalizing. Methodist Early Learning Center’s goal is to provide professionally supervised quality care for children in a safe, secure, clean, and loving environment. As a state-licensed facility, the school will have a staff trained in early childhood education and certified by the Massachusetts State Office of Early Education and Care. An integral part of Methodist Early Learning Center’s philosophy will be to encourage good communication between parents and teachers via newsletters, conferences, parent meetings, etc. in order to stimulate parental learning experiences regarding your child’s development. Academically, we believe that it is our job to stimulate the curiosity of each child in every area of learning. We hope that we will open up the doors, letting each child progress without pressure at their own pace and ability. We believe that each child matures at a different rate and this must be taken into consideration as our teaching staff plan and present our curriculum. We feel that it is our job to prepare each child by giving them a sound foundation, so that they may find their introduction into Kindergarten a pleasant and rewarding experience. We want to assure that every child has a fair and full opportunity to reach their full potential.


The school is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation or genetic information.